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Privacy policy

Date last Modified: March 9, 2017

Version: 1.1

This privacy policy has been written to inform users on how data is used on websites and extensions owned by Please read the privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how data is collected, used, protected or otherwise handled within websites and extensions.

In general, the extensions and websites will never collect more data then needed for correct functioning of the website and extensions. website

When do we collect data?

We use cookies to deliver ads and analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with Google AdSense and Google Analytics. Google may combine it with other information you’ve provided to them or they’ve collected from your use of their services. uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous user data. Data collected by Google Analytics includes but are not limited to: uses Zendesk for customer support purposes. Data is collected when opening a Support Ticket or by entering data / filling in forms on This data includes:

How is data used?

For customer support purposes, data submitted in forms is sent to and then sent to Zendesk. No data is stored at domains. Reasons for sending this data are:

For data stored on Zendesk systems, Zendesk privacy policy applies (

Anonymous user data collected by Adsense is used for advertising purposes. uses Google Analytics for multiple purposes:

How is data secured?

Encryption uses SSL (HTTPS) for protection of privacy and integrity of exchanged data on the website. Data collected and sent through Google Adsense and Google Analytics is encrypted by SSL (HTTPS) during transport.

Data sent through Zendesk for customer support purposes is encrypted by SSL (HTTPS) during transport.

Extensions & Apps

When do we collect data?

Google Analytics collects anonymous user data. This includes, but is not limited to:

The extension(s) store settings in Chrome Sync and are not made public. Temporary files and cache data are stored in Chrome storage.

The extension(s) collect and stores document metadata on the local system of the extension user.

On set intervals the user browser (Chrome) checks for updates on the browser, but also on installed extensions. During update-checks user data is collected. This includes:

Updates on extensions are facilitated by the Google Web Store. For this reason, in this process the Google Privacy policy ( applies.

How is data used?

Document metadata is collected by Google Chrome and stored locally on the user's system.

Browser permissions are needed for certain functionalities of the extension. This includes permission to send notifications and collection of data from Google domains. Browser permissions and all other data collected remain on the local system and will never be sent to any of the servers owned by the developer or any 3th party.

Google API's are used for the extraction of personal data, like E-mails. Permissions for Google API's are optional and can be revoked through:

How is data secured?


Oauth2 is used as method of authentication between the extension and Google servers.


Google APIs and data collected and sent through Google Adsense and Google Analytics is encrypted by SSL (HTTPS) during transport.

Updates and revisions

Updates and revisions in this privacy policy may be changed or updated, with or without informing the users of the: